• Ben Smith

Corona Virus at the Borders

EDINBURG, Texas— Border Patrol agents are taking all measures to protect against any and all viral viruses.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has arrested people from over 148 different countries both at and between our ports of entry this fiscal year.

Thursday, the Acting Chief Patrol Agent of the Rio Grande Valley Sector, Austin Skero, said there is an increase in the number of Chinese nationals being apprehended in the RGV.

“During the peak of the humanitarian crisis, we were apprehending around three Chinese nationals per day. This year we are seeing approximately five per day. Operationally speaking, this has been very manageable and represents an extremely small percentage of our overall daily apprehension totals," said Chief Skero.

If five Chinese nationals are being apprehended daily, that would equal to 140 monthly and about 700 Chinese apprehensions this fiscal year.

These numbers are for the Rio Grande Valley sector alone.

Chief Skero says no confirmed cases of the coronavirus are present at any Border Patrol facility even with this increase in Chinese apprehensions nor have agents encountered a migrant with the coronavirus.

"Although we haven’t encountered any issues to date, we do have measures in place to identify individuals with signs of illness who may be potentially infected with a communicable disease," said Chief Skero.

But if that changes, CBP is ready and has policies in place to contain the situation.



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